We know

What it means to wake up in the morning and start calling your relatives and friends for help finding a cleaning maid. Finally, you made the progress and found a maid to come for your appointment and shortly after it turns into disappointment before your scheduled time that your maid will not be available to make it.
It may just be that you had a steady cleaning maid for a long time and they are no longer able to work for you so you may just need someone temporary until being replaced. It may just be that your time is more valuable than to search and look around for a maid and being busy with it all the time.
It may just be hard for you to leave cash at home everyday to pay your private cleaning maid.

Well, that is why we are here!

Direct Housekeeping has worked very hard for you to put together a team of responsible maids that understand the importance of peoples cleaning needs and we work very hard to maintain our maids and provide the best benefits to our maids so that you could be guaranteed that you have a source that listens to you, cares for you, and fights for you.

Why pay the extra dollar?

  • Our dedicated team interviews potential cleaning maids on a daily basis and all of our maids go through a careful screening and background check to ensure your safety, and our promise.
  • All of our maids complete a serious training.
  • Our customer service team is always here to answer the phone and get you the help you deserve.
  • In case of an emergency where a maid cannot arrive, we will send out a substitute.
  • Our Company is fully insured in case of any issues that may arise.
  • Transportation is included. ​

Our Maids & Team

Direct Housekeeping Strongly take it in consideration that having a stranger cleaning your space can sometimes be difficult when you are a owner and cannot be around full time to stand there and watch how your maid is doing her work.
As a owner, you should not even have to stress about anything and you should be able to freely move on with your day knowing that somebody that you can trust is cleaning your space.
Part of our process of hiring a maid, is meeting the maid first in our headquarters office for a interview.
In the interview we use some extensive tools to determine if one qualifies to be part of Direct Housekeeping.
Some of our main keys that we focus on is strong references of previous work in other people’s spaces.
We take those references very serious and make sure that the individual that we hire 100% qualifies which is then followed by a required training completion. with that, we can continue to keep our promise to you.