Frequently Asked Questions

We could accommodate Cleaning Maids for your specific hours. if you do not see the correct package for your hours, please contact us at 845-450-0009 and or email us at info@directhousekeeping.com and we will make sure to accommodate your needs!

Any issues with our Cleaning Maids, Please Contact Our Customer Service Department at 845-450-0009 and we can ensure you to get everything resolved for you.

You could always contact us and request for a specific Maid by providing us with their name or the previous Service Date and we can look up to see if she is available at your needed time. if not, we can try to work around the hours to make sure that you get the Maid that you want.

If you do not have a Credit Card available for use, please call our customer service department and we will work with you to arrange other payment methods.

Yes, Please give us a call or email us with your specific requests and we will make sure to set up a consistent schedule for you.

No, it is our company policy that no payments should be given to our Cleaning Maids.

Direct Housekeeping takes our Cleaning Maids very serious. every Cleaning Maid goes through an extensive screening before hiring to ensure that this situations does not occur. if for some reason any of this happens, please contact your local Police Department and file a Police Report and then Email it and or Fax it over to us and we will further work with you.

(we will take responsibility as long as a Police Report can confirm that it was done by our Cleaning Maid.)