Maid Service

Maid Service

Are you tired of your home looking like a mess? Do you get embarrassed whenever guests come to visit? Living in a messy home can not only cause health problems, but can also sometimes affect the mood of a person. Whether you are more particular over the cleanliness of a specific area of the home or the whole house, keeping it clean, neat and tidy is definitely very important to you and your family members. At Direct Housekeeping, we offer a broad range of reliable maid services at affordable rates. Whether you live in a large house or a modest apartment, alone or with children, we are here to help you out. At Direct Housekeeping, our commitment to providing top-notch maid services as well as achieving the desired results within the minimum time frame at the most affordable prices are the reason why we have achieved an unbeatable track record for not only meeting but also exceeding the expectations of our customers. Offering top-notch maid services, our team live by a strict code of ethics as well as a set of values that are not just etched in stone but are also woven into the very fabric of our company.


We Guarantee Your Maids Will Always Be:

1. Experienced and professional 

2. Friendly and polite 

3. Background and reference checked 

4. Highly rated by other Direct Housekeeping Customers

Maid In Bliss!

At Direct Housekeeping, our maids are well-trained and have years of experience under their belt to handle the cleaning of any home and we tailor our maid services to your specific premises. You can totally relax knowing Direct Housekeeping is cleaning your home just as you want it. We understand that your needs are unique, which is the reason why we take time to offer services that work with your budget, cleaning preferences, and busy lifestyle.

What To Expect With Direct Housekeeping

1. Trained and professional maids- At Direct Housekeeping, our maids are friendly, professionally trained and background checked. Leveraging years of experience, our maids go above and beyond in terms of keeping your home clean and healthy from season-to-season.

2. Customer service- Our customer service team is available for any questions or requests that you may have, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

3. Convenience- All you have to do is pick up the phone to make an appointment and your cleaning will be scheduled. If you need last-minute cleaning, we will try our level best to get it done for you.

4. Quality services- At Direct Housekeeping, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality services as well as living up to the high standards our customers have for us. We set a goal of 100% satisfaction and plan to keep it with our attention to detail on every job.