Steady House-Cleaning in Rockland County, New York

Steady House-Cleaning Subscription​

  • Subscription Programs will be charged at the time of sign up and next payment will be every month on the same date.
  • Subscription programs are not refundable during the month.
  • If customer wants to cancel the subscription, we require them to do so at least 48 hours before the second month starts.
  • If for any reason you need to reschedule the cleaning lady during the month, then we can do so with at least 72 hour notice before the scheduled time. As long as you contact us 72 hours in advance, we can always reschedule it and even give you credit for any later time.

House Cleaning, Hassle-Free

Our house cleaning services include the following types-

Bathroom Cleaning

Wall/Floor Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Changing and making up bed sheets

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Dependable Professionals for your House Cleaning In Rockland County

At Direct Housekeeping, we understand your cleaning needs and we strive to make it hassle-free. Our maids will come at your scheduled timing and will thoroughly clean your home according to your needs and requirements. We have vast experience in house cleaning and housekeeping, and our maids wil provide you with comprehensive service and experience in cleaning your house or apartment.

You'll Love our House Cleaning Services

Backed by a team of highly-skilled and seasoned maids, we go above and beyond in terms of providing high-quality cleaning services for your home or apartment at affordable rates.

1. We will save you time and money

3. We have excellent scores and great references


2. Satisfaction guaranteed

4. We have the solutions and services for your property needs

Weekly Cleaning? Done!

At Direct Housekeeping, we understand the importance of a clean home, and we strive to make it a hassle-free experience.

Our team will go above and beyond in terms of ensuring that your house cleaning service is the most reliable and hassle-free around.

With our high-quality and affordable house cleaning services, a myriad of clients have already fallen in love with our services and we will make sure that you will too.